Wendy and the Snake

Deep in a beautiful forest very far away, there lives a young, blonde girl named Wendy.  She is a strong, brave, young girl from the Sutap (pronounced Sioux-tap) tribe.  Wendy is a Sensi (sen-see), this means she is sensitive to things others cannot see or hear.  Her world is more beautiful and sometimes calamitous for it because she can see auras, feel energy and sense peoples’ feelings.  For her, it is a world full of colors and emotions.

Wendy found herself in quite a predicament this day as she was strolling through the enchanted forest.  As she walked through the trees, she said, “Good morning, trees,” and they replied back to her ever so gently, “Good morning, friend Wendy, our Wendymyfriendy, our friendy Wendy who loves to mendy those in need.”  Now the trees as strong and quiet as they look, were, but if they new you and liked you, the trees would play with you through rhymes and rhythms.

They were quiet clever with their rhymes and rhythms.  Rhyming here and rhythyming there;  words moving up and down; in and around; through the breeze or still air; or the serene-est of nights or the most majestic of days.  Wendy found this quite lovely and started skipping through their myriad of green leaves and rising branches.

“Trees,” she said quiet happily, “I’m here to enjoy the lovely day and join you for my morning meal.”  Oh splendid thought the trees.  As you know, the trees were connected by their roots underground.  Even if they didn’t see what each other saw, they felt what each other felt through very serious tree business, which is far too serious to discuss here.  But trust me. They knew.

“A meal with us?  Figgity suss a meal of toast with roast?”  Wendy answered sweetly, “oh no trees, a morning meal of biscuits and tea.”  “However so splendid young Wendy-our-friendy.  Please join us and enjoy your morning meal of veal,” and the trees smiled.  For, they knew their game with those they liked and loved.  The trees knew Wendy knew, and Wendy knew the trees knew and so forth.  So Wendy, sat down amongst the trees and started eating her biscuits with tea.  A little while later, the snake who had been moving through the trees came upon Wendy.  The trees watched and listened with their leaves…with their minds.

“Salutations, young Wendy,” said the snake.  See, the snake liked speaking with S’ssssssssssss. “Good morning Snake.” said young Wendy warily but not too warily because after all she could sense the snake and this let her know what the snake was up to.  “Shall I sit with you and share some sumptuous tea and biscuitssssss?”  Wendy, being the kind Sensi that she is said, “Of course, Snake.  Here, have some tea and biscuitssssss.”  The snake admired her sound of ‘S’. It pleased her greatly.  They sat and ate their morning meal together, and then the snake propositioned her.

“Wendy, isss it posssible that you assist me thisss fine morning by assisting me in sssteering acrosss the river?”  Now, everyone in the forest knew this snake was quite tricky and secrety and had only quite not good things for those who helped her across the river.  Wendy, being the kind Sensi that she is, did not want to offend the Snake, but at the same time, knew not to cross the river with her.  Only bad things could and would happen.  So Wendy politely refused and offered the snake more tea and biscuits, and there they ate their morning meal.  Wendy knew that it is possible to eat biscuits and drink tea with the snake, but not cross the river with her in order to to stay safe and keep the peace in the forest.


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