Bipolar Question #2

Q: Is it okay to call you crazy?

A: Initially, I thought sure who cares, but actually I care so no. It’s not okay to call me crazy because it a negative connotation of me.  I have a child, family and friends.  My career and educational achievements are quite impressive.  I have bipolar disorder and treatment is good, hard work and successful.

More importantly, it’s a slippery slope. If you call me crazy, and I can handle it because I have better sex than you (see question #1), then you might/will call someone else crazy like a child or teenager with bipolar disorder whose identity is still being shaped.  We cannot have them believe their identity is a crazy one.  They didn’t ask for the disorder. None of us did.     We have to have compassion and be friends.

{Bipolar Question is based on my personal experience.  A little fun too people.  In Bipolar Question, I do not speak for the Bipolar Disorder or Mental Health communities}

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