How to Be on Antipsychotics.

This young lady, who calls herself “the misadventures of me” wrote the funniest post on Antipsychotics.  It’s my favorite.  Enjoy her good writing.

Recently I was told I may have bipolar disorder and was promptly put on, you guessed it, antipsychotics. Now something about the name makes antipsychotics sound really scary, or rather, the person …

Source: How to Be on Antipsychotics.


  1. It’s all in a name. Antipsychotics are truly a god send. Give them a shot, I was hesitate but they truly offer a mental reset. Of course, I cycle and I’m a fucking land of fun until they enter my life again which is a trend but good. I like to sleep and they make me sleep

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    1. Entisar

      Thanks for reply. There is power in blogging. It is a release. My friends read my blog and now that I’ve said it “antipsychotic” it’s out there and I accept it. AAPs are a godsend.

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      1. Well they reset us, it give us the ability to think on their level.


      2. Entisar

        Also it allows me to be hypomanic. I need to add that to my story. That the real reason I like AAPs. Hypomania is what I am use to.

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