Psychiatric Institution

Here are funny things I heard while in a Psychiatric Institution adjusting my meds with 32 other detox and/or adult psychiatric:

  1.  “How do you lose a cane up in this bitch?” – One patient wondering out loud how the old man misplaced his cane in the milieu.
  2. “Hello babycakes” – what some of the detox patients called me.
  3. “I’m not staying here. I’m going to escape” said my roommate as she tapered off the bottom of her pants while the other roommate was helping her escape by shoving personal items down her pants.
  4. “I shaved my head because my boyfriend broke up with me. I was in mania” me:”that makes sense”; her: “the problem is it makes sense to us in here but not to people out there.”
  5. okitee dokitee – a form of okay
  6. “come here baby. I’ll talk to you and your teddy bear”
  7. “Come here baby. Let me wipe off that little bit of soap off your face”

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