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Hot then Cold

Hot then cold

Just uncork the champagne

Let it flow

Shake the stars

Make it storm

Hold me naked

The warm winds blow

My name across your lips

Swirl in the waves

Touch down below

Where my beg is

Full of playful

But you

Hot then cold




Oil running


Along a smooth surface

All things

You mean restless is like agitation?


Liquid carrying


No place

Water flowing

In unity as one

On the move

Nowhere to go

You mean restless is like agitation?


Ebb and flow

On the go


You mean restless is like agitation?


Restless is fluid

Agitation is grating




From Your Grey

You want me to be grey

To display a muted being

You want to mood me black

Then attack the thing that I love

Which is you

Your strokes paint me into shrink and fade

Like beige

But I will not believe your false story

For hope is my crowning color of glory

So do not look away

From my palette of love and creativity

That paints our canvas with tender sensitivity

My love for you should not be held in scorn

Everyday is a new day for life to be reborn

From your grey





He Loves Me

He loves me,

He loves me not,

But never tells me which one I got,

Then tosses sawdust in my face,

To slow this hypomanic’s pace,

Pitches wood chips in my eyes,


Blinding me to my sunrise

And to my stars, to my wind, to my cathedrals, to my doors, to my…




Be and then become

Round and round the words are spun

Into an identity that gives release

From these thoughts that never cease

To be crooked more skewed

Painting pitch and starry hues

Be and then become